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What is the difference between a travel bag and a mountaineering bag

by:Huide     2021-08-04
Travel bags and mountaineering bags are two backpacks with different concepts, but many people still don’t understand the difference. Therefore, today I will introduce you to the difference between travel bags and mountaineering bags. Let’s understand together. Understand it.   Mountaineering bags are generally divided into sizes in terms of capacity. Large hiking bags have a volume between 50-80 liters, and small ones are between 20-35 liters. The large mountaineering bag is mainly used to transport climbing materials during the mountaineering process, and the small mountaineering bag is generally used for high-altitude climbing or assaulting the summit. In order to cope with extreme environments, the special mountaineering bag is generally designed to conform to the natural curve of the human body, and the material is also made of extremely strong waterproof and wear-resistant fabrics. Travel bags, like mountaineering bags, can be divided into different sizes. The large travel bags are similar to mountaineering bags, and the front is fully opened with a zipper, which is very convenient to take things, but the travel bag is a little different from the mountaineering bag. It is not like a mountaineering bag that can put items into the bag from the top cover of the bag. There are many types of small travel bags. When choosing, you should pay attention to the comfort of the carrying system, and don't just focus on the outside. What is the difference between a mountaineering bag and a travel bag? In fact, apart from the functional design, the mountaineering bag is quite similar to the travel bag, but the travel bag is more suitable for some extremely simple exercises, and it can provide the function of loading items, but the price , Mountaineering bags with functional design are much more expensive than travel bags. If you want to buy a travel bag, it is recommended to choose a mountaineering bag, because the mountaineering bag can be a travel bag, but the travel bag is not a mountaineering bag.   customization, please look for it! It is a professional luggage duffel customization manufacturer, established in 2004, and has been in business for more than ten years. For more than ten years, we have only focused on luggage duffel customization services, and have served large companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Ganji, HP Technology, etc., with rich design and production, and trustworthy!
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