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What is the function of RFID anti-theft brush bag in backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-04-26
The RFID anti-theft swipe bag is mainly about the security protection of the information in the bag. It is more popular in foreign countries. In the domestic market, some custom backpack chambers add this kind of functional bag to their backpack products. But relatively speaking, the scope of domestic use of RFID anti-theft brush bags for backpacks is not so wide. Therefore, many people are not particularly familiar with RFID blocking materials and functions. Today, the manufacturer will give you a brief talk about the functions of the RFID anti-theft brush bag in the custom backpack.   Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification, and its principle is to carry out non-contact data communication between the reader and the tag to achieve the purpose of identifying the target. The RFID anti-theft brush bag refers to a backpack bag made of RFID shielding materials. At present, most of them are small inner compartments of the backpack or relatively small bags such as wallets and storage bags, which are made of RFID shielding materials. The compartment bag has the functions of anti-demagnetization and anti-electromagnetic radio frequency scanning. At present, most passports, credit cards and ID cards have RFID microchips. Hackers can use readers to steal sensitive information from 3 meters away. If items with RFID microchips such as ID cards and bank cards are put into RFID shielding bags, their signals can be shielded from being released, which can effectively prevent information theft and protect the safety of information and funds. With the prevalence of various high-tech technologies, to fully protect information security, information security can only be effectively protected by cutting off the possibility of information being stolen from the source. Choosing a backpack with an RFID anti-theft swipe bag is a very practical method. There are many backpacks with a built-in RFID anti-theft swipe bag. While providing users with convenient storage of items, it can more effectively protect the IC card in the bag. Information and fund security.
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