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What is the price of a custom laptop bag

by:Huide     2021-06-09
In the information age, due to the popularity of laptops, the demand for laptop bags has greatly increased. In order to facilitate carrying and protecting laptops, most laptop dealers will give away a laptop bag for free when customers buy laptops. Therefore, Notebook computer brands customize a large number of computer bags every year to promote the sales of their own products. In order to highlight its own computer brand, each laptop bag will be printed with a logo when it is customized. So, what is the price range of customized laptop bags? This question is of more concern to many people, and I will answer this question for you.  The editor answered that the price of laptop bags varies due to their different styles, materials, and customized quantities.   Generally speaking, the more complex the style and the better the material, the higher the customized price will be. The common laptop bag styles on the market include a single-shoulder computer bag and a double-shoulder computer backpack. On the premise that the number of customizations is the same, the custom price of a single-shoulder computer bag is lower than that of a double-shoulder computer bag. This is because the processing technology used in the double-shoulder computer bag is more complicated. Due to the larger size, the amount of fabric should be more In this way, the cost will be slightly higher, and the cost will be higher, so the customized price will naturally be higher. It is always impossible to make the computer bag manufacturer do a loss business. In addition, the logo production technology will also affect the custom price of notebook computers. Common logo production technologies include silk screen printing, laser marking, embroidery, hot stamping, etc. Generally speaking, the more complex the logo style, the higher the production technology requirements, and the cost The higher it is, some businesses require that the zipper pull of the computer bag be made exactly the same as the logo, then the mold will be opened, and the cost will be even higher. Another point is that as the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover. If the number of customized computer bags is large, most manufacturers will quote lower prices. Because the number is large, the manufacturer’s overall production cost control is relatively reasonable, and there is waste The situation will be reduced, and the production cost will be reduced, and the manufacturer's price will naturally be reduced. Moreover, in order to save costs, many custom manufacturers have a minimum order requirement for the custom quantity. If the order quantity does not meet the relevant regulations, the manufacturer will not accept the order to avoid losing money. The above is a related introduction about the price of a customized laptop bag. You should know about this. The customized price of a computer bag is generally not very high. Merchants can choose the material with the corresponding price according to their own budget. Make a computer bag.
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