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What is the process of customizing tool cases?

by:Huide     2021-05-31
In recent years, with the development of the economy and the rise and subdivision of the service industry, the demand for toolkits has increased day by day, and the toolkit industry has gradually improved. The demand for toolkits in all walks of life has also been subdivided. The product design is novel, unique and targeted Special design for special industries, special design and production for the needs of specific sub-industry, what is the customizing process of tool bags? Let us learn about the customizing process of tool bags.  1) The minimum order quantity for tool bags: The minimum order quantity for tool bags is 200 pieces per style and color, and the minimum order quantity for the styles to be developed is 500 pieces. Pre-production samples will be confirmed in the early stage.   2) Quotation: We all quote according to the requirements of customers. If you have your own style, the customer can provide detailed parameters of the tool bag, such as pictures, materials, size, quantity, logo, if there are original samples, the quotation will be more accurate.  3) LOGO technology: LOGO can be customized according to customer requirements for production and goods. The general technology includes embroidery, printing, hot stamping, iron plate, plastic plate, etc.  4) Production lead time: Generally, the lead time for the minimum order quantity of the product is 20 days, and the lead time is different for different quantities. The price of the product depends on the order quantity. The specific two parties can coordinate with each other. 5) Payment method: 30% deposit is paid in advance when placing the order, and 70% of the balance is paid in full. The company confirms that the goods will be shipped after receiving the payment. After the goods are produced, the customer can come to the factory to inspect the goods, and after the goods pass the inspection, the remaining payment will be paid to arrange the shipment, according to the contract signed by both parties. Now society is the 'Appearance Association'. Tool bags are not only the clothes of the product, but also the image of the product. Whether it is a mechanical product manufacturer, an electronic technology product manufacturer, or a small parts hardware accessories factory, they will tailor the tools for the exclusive enterprise. Luggage, and choose reliable tool and luggage manufacturers to promote the brand image of the company. If you want to customize a unique tool case, then please choose the manufacturer.
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