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What is the process of designing and customizing kindergarten schoolbags?

by:Huide     2021-09-08
Kindergartens pay attention to brand effect, and designing and customizing an exclusive schoolbag is one of the important channels for kindergarten brand promotion. Today, the manufacturer will tell you about the process of designing and customizing kindergarten schoolbags. Let’s learn about it together. Kindergarten schoolbag design customization is not much different from other custom backpack processes, but the customization process is relatively complicated. If you want to customize a schoolbag product that satisfies customers, all aspects of the process should not be controlled. In general, kindergarten schoolbag customization can be divided into two categories:   1. Some kindergartens with existing design drawings will find some specialized design companies to draw the schoolbag design drawings before finding a backpack manufacturer. After finding a suitable backpack manufacturer, the manufacturer only It is necessary to make a sample to the customer for confirmation according to the design drawing. If the sample is confirmed by the customer, the mass production can be directly carried out. In the mid and late mass production, if the quality inspection is OK, you can communicate with the customer about the shipment. The whole process is relatively simple. 2. There is no design drawing. The process that the customer requires the manufacturer to design is relatively longer, and has higher requirements on the strength of the factory. This requires the manufacturer to have a professional design team in order to discover and understand in the communication with customers According to customer needs, we design a schoolbag product that satisfies customers. After the design drawing is confirmed, it is the related matters such as proofing confirmation, bulk confirmation, and shipping details. Who should you look for for kindergarten schoolbag customization? The manufacturer is worth your choice. The custom manufacturer is a schoolbag manufacturer that specializes in Ru0026D, design, and production of kindergarten schoolbags and schoolbags for primary and middle school students. It has 16 years of experience in schoolbag customization and provides various schoolbag products for various educational institutions throughout the year. The product style and quality are highly recognized and trusted by all customers, and the visible reputation and quality. If you want to customize your own exclusive schoolbag, you can find a manufacturer.
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