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What kind of bags custom need mesa live

by:Huide     2020-08-01

in luggage manufacturers often can see busy workers use a sewing machine sewing materials, customize a complicated backpack custom is often dozens of sewing process that is needed to complete the entire bag production. It is just the process of stitching, there are some bags in the process of the custom need manual work to complete the process of workers, called mesa to live in the industry. Small make up will start from here today to introduce you to what mesa is live, what is the distinguishing feature of mesa to live, what kind of bags custom will need to use the table to live?

mesa living belongs to the bags custom manual live a, often machine equipment was unable to complete work to complete the production by human hand. According to the existing machinery and equipment level in the industry, bags custom manufacturers even more comprehensive equipment is difficult to fully open out this way of making. Mesa to live just as its name implies is to have a flat table and around mesa workers by manual work, the tools used are very traditional, such as hammers, knives, shovels, brushes, glue, glue, drying rack, etc are not limited to this. Tend to focus on is the glue that is a worker hands the most commonly used materials. Often needs two sheets together to finalize the design, is must use glue. And daub glue is good or bad will directly decide the bags customized quality finally.

mesa feature is live with other serious production process is different, because it is pure manual manual work, will be made of different material paste, press flat is made, in order to as part of the whole package was sewing on the bags. A lot of manual work won't be as efficient as the machine, so using a large number of mesa live bags production will lead to a lot of artificial prices. Than the machine is a disguised form of artificial cost is high.

of course mesa live apart from a lot of artificial price is high to benefit or, after all is pure handmade out of things in two essays every detail can be the pursuit of perfect, such as an Angle to make sewing process to implement is certainly not good grasp. Let mesa live implementation must be round and flat. So the quality of the production process of feeling is really good.

use the mesa living there are a lot of suitcases and bags, such as handbags, wallets, men's business package, individual style lady bag, computer bag and individual style, handheld devices, etc. From this respect mesa material live most of the time or making leather products, leather materials often small bags using the most, because each bag manufacturer in recent years are prospective design feeling, so this kind of material in Oxford cloth, widely used by especially Oxford cloth and leather bags can also be seen occasionally in process.

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