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What kind of enterprise needs bags custom fit

by:Huide     2020-07-16

in order to meet the personalized requirements of enterprises, equipment manufacturers tend to provide equipment custom services. Is also can be customized according to the enterprise clear requirements of manufacturing a own bags, so the service is suitable for all companies? The answer is no. Bags custom, after all, is a production of routing management with the combination of the process between the choice. Said the vernacular is the need to cooperate to made upstream and downstream industry chain, that is to say, all processes can't link with the demand of implementation and hinder the industry doesn't fit, whereas demand.

from the production process, if you want to customize a bag first general process is as follows. Bag factory need to prepare the materials needed for the bags first, and then on the basis of the existing landscape need for molds, you need to start all kinds of when the mould is out for the material after cutting or mold, after cutting the material for sewing ( Cloth) Or to mold the material combined with fabric sewn or will cast materials directly fine processing, the next step will be all the production of parts or materials for printed logo or printing. Finally put all the material or accessories for stitching or assembly. Use words to describe each step it looks simple, but actually every step of processing production is the management of the need to invest a lot of time and close cooperation. For example, a complex bags may be large dozens of pieces of material, hundreds of working procedure. Every step of the process flow, process can't go wrong to complete the finished product.

the problem comes again if the quantity is very less and complex cases, they were not suitable for the custom ( Except, of course, the local tyrants) 。 After more than a rough process you also knew, number if you can't meet the requirements of production to produce bags, will not reduce the production process and the cost of production and management, and of course the number after the split the bill will eventually lead to less production cost is high, and even the final price for both sides.

summary for fewer technology about complex for bags custom implementation difficulty will be higher, so only beyond the quantitative bags custom fit.

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