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What kind of material is good for kindergarten schoolbag customization?

by:Huide     2021-09-16
There are many kinds of materials to choose from for kindergarten schoolbag customization. When preparing to customize kindergarten schoolbags, most schools will consider which material to make the schoolbags will be of better quality. What material schoolbags are more suitable for kindergarten children to use? Give everyone a brief description of what material to choose for kindergarten schoolbag customization? Let's take a look. Common materials for kindergarten schoolbag customization include polyester, nylon, canvas, PU leather, leather, etc. Each material has its own characteristics, but relatively speaking, the materials for kindergarten schoolbags on the market are mostly polyester and nylon. Of course, there are also kindergarten schoolbags made of other materials. It is just that polyester and nylon materials are used in a wider range, and kindergarten schoolbags made of polyester and nylon materials are light in weight, water-repellent, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The key is It is cost-effective, so relatively speaking, it is more popular with market customers.   In fact, the custom material for schoolbags is relatively speaking and there is no choice of which material is better, only the right one is better. But there is a key point that everyone should pay attention to, that is, no matter which kind of material you choose for kindergarten schoolbags, whether it is environmentally friendly and healthy is very important. Schoolbags are something that children have to come into contact with every day. The importance of material health and environmental protection is self-evident, and kindergarten children are young and have poor physical resistance. If you choose schoolbags with inferior materials, the children will exceed the standard of formaldehyde and aromatic amines Once used for a long time, it will cause children's allergies, but will affect the children's physical development and health. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, you must choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials for fabrics, printing and dyeing inks, and do not choose for cheap Inferior materials, you get what you pay for will always exist.   If you want to customize a healthy and environmentally friendly kindergarten school bag, you can find a manufacturer. A series of unique RPET material environmentally friendly school bags have been launched. RPET fabric is a new type of renewable environmentally friendly fabric. The fabric can be recycled and reused. It can save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Every pound of recycled RPET fabric can save 61,000 BTU of energy, which is equivalent to 21 pounds. carbon dioxide. After environmentally friendly dyeing, environmentally friendly coating, and calendering, the fabric can also pass the testing of MTL, SGS, ITS and other international standards, including phthalates (6P), formaldehyde, lead (Pb), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Nonylfen and other environmental protection indicators have reached the latest European environmental protection standards and the latest American environmental protection standards.  The schoolbags customized using RPET materials not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, health, non-toxicity and harmlessness, but also have a certain contribution to protecting the ecological environment and conserving oil resources. Are you not interested in environmentally friendly schoolbags that serve multiple purposes?
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