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What logo crafts are there for custom-made travel bags?

by:Huide     2021-04-14
The travel bag maximizes its practicality and is an outdoor luggage that is convenient to carry and store in large amounts during travel. In recent years, with the boom of the travel industry, travel bags have gradually appeared in the categories of promotional items, business gifts and customer gifts. The only difference is that each travel bag is printed with the corporate brand logo, thereby achieving the role of promoting the corporate brand. What are the logo processes for customized travel bags?   Hot embossing: The hot embossing process is a low-cost and fast method to obtain parallel replication structures at the micro-nano scale. Only one mold is needed, and the exact same structure can be on demand Copy onto a large surface. The process is divided into die preparation, embossing process, and graphics transfer. Compared with the traditional nano processing method, hot embossing has the characteristics of flexible method, low cost and biocompatibility, and can obtain high-resolution, high-aspect-ratio structures.  Silk screen: In the traditional sense, silk screen is a technique that uses steel plates and a porous fabric to create prominent images. In short, the net is placed on the support frame, it is delicately woven from porous fabric. The net surface is covered by a non-permeable steel plate, and the printing on the steel plate is exactly the front of the image. No The hidden place is exactly where the ink will be printed.   Hardware mold opening logo: Hardware mold opening, as the name implies, is the secondary development or transformation of metal raw materials to form a distinctive logo. Mold opening was originally also a term for mechanical production or process production, referring to the manufacturing of mold sets. The hardware mold logo is golden and brilliant. If you match the style of the bag, it will generally highlight a noble business temperament, which is deeply loved by many corporate customers.
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