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What material is better for custom kindergarten school bags

by:Huide     2021-07-15
Schoolbags are the most intimate playmates for children. They accompany their growth and witness their path to school. As the luggage customization service becomes more and more popular, many kindergartens specifically find schoolbag manufacturers to customize creative kindergarten schoolbags, and print the brand, phone number and address information on the schoolbags, which can not only enhance the brand image, but also facilitate the promotion of the brand And publicity. However, it should be noted that the quality of custom-made kindergarten school bags should be paid attention to to avoid adverse effects on the health of the children. What material is better for custom-made kindergarten school bags? 1. Fabric. It is best to choose nylon fabric for custom-made kindergarten schoolbags. Nylon fabrics have a good feel, are comfortable to carry, wear-resistant and durable, and are light in weight, which can reduce the daily burden of children. 2. Zipper. The zipper is the part that is relatively easy to damage. Once the zipper is damaged, the school bag cannot be used normally, so the customized kindergarten school bag chooses a better quality zipper. 3. Shoulder straps. The shoulder strap of the schoolbag affects the carrying of the schoolbag, and is more related to the health of the children. When customizing a kindergarten school bag, the shoulder strap design should be as wide as possible to reduce the pressure on the back bone.
What are the benefits of custom-made kindergarten school bags
Nowadays, many parents send their children to kindergarten. Choosing kindergarten and kindergarten school bags is one of the most concerned issues for parents. In order to give parents more peace of mind, more and more kindergartens choose custom-made kindergarten schoolbags. A properly designed kindergarten has an unimaginable magic.   What are the benefits of custom-made kindergarten schoolbags?   1. Custom-made kindergarten schoolbags can be creatively designed. Making schoolbags according to the characteristics of the kindergarten itself reflects the professionalism and responsibility of the kindergarten to a certain extent, and it is easier to win the trust of parents.   2. The educational strength of the kindergarten, and the customized schoolbags are conducive to reducing the burden on the children and giving parents peace of mind.   3. Custom-made kindergarten school bags are conducive to promoting the kindergarten's brand reputation. There are more and more kindergartens, and the competition is getting better and better. It is the kingly way to have a certain degree of popularity and reputation. Customized kindergarten school bags can uniformly print the brand image, and intuitively push the kindergarten information.  4. Custom-made kindergarten schoolbags can directly print kindergarten slogans, addresses, and phone numbers, play a role in live promotion, and express care for children on schoolbags, so that parents can be more at ease. 

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