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What material is suitable for children's backpack

by:Huide     2020-07-24

children bags.com/backpacks' target='_blank'>backpack can be selective in custom material is very big, such as Oxford cloth, such as wool cloth, such as diving and canvas material again, but the real custom out effect is better and more popular to use children's backpack material should be diving material bags custom is most suitable.

diving material custom backpack has its own characteristics, pretty, thick and elastic is the biggest characteristic of this kind of material, the use of its material custom children's backpack back up and are comfortable to use. Smooth material can print various positive rich cartoon design. Such as positive large white area throughout a wide can print a dog, rabbit rabbit, cat cat lovely of figure, will be to attract children's attention.

diving material is a kind of comparison thick material, itself is full of elasticity, surface can meet other material used together, the simple sense of play can ensure the custom bag natural shape is not easy to get squashed. Flattening can memory mode bounce back in a timely manner. So what time is bulging.

diving material custom bag is also a certain, when this shortcoming is only for luggage bag manufacturers. Because diving material thickness of the material's slice of sex is higher, so the general flat wagon sewing machine can't produce in the middle of the backpack, you need to use high sewing machine to complete the car to do inside. And also some accounts is made by special side whipstitch overlock machine, and don't need another car suture. And lock line leakage directly, custom backpack is perfect.

of course children plush cloth custom backpack also has its own characteristics, such as surface of the ground all maomao, touch very feel, but made the backpack is not firm, is often pianpian when back, etc. Oxford cloth material and custom children's backpack, due to the material itself is also more wear-resisting so whole suit to make students bag, computer bag, handbag, kits and other adult students use backpack, often is not suitable for custom children's backpack.

above all bags custom especially children bag, customized materials used diving expected this custom is a good choice.

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