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What materials are commonly used for custom-made gift trolley boxes?

by:Huide     2021-04-13
The cold winter is approaching, and towards the end of the year, the corporate association that loves employees prepares a practical year-end welfare gift for employees to show the humanistic care of the company. In recent years, the gift trolley case has become more and more popular among enterprises. It is fashionable and practical, and it is almost inseparable from it whether it is a business trip or a tourist. However, gift trolley boxes pay attention to quality. When customizing gift trolley boxes, in addition to paying attention to style design, the choice of material is also very important. So, what materials are commonly used for custom-made gift trolley boxes?   1, ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with a wide range of uses. Its material is lighter, but it is flexible and rigid, can withstand greater impact, and is more convenient to clean. At the same time, ABS trolley case customization costs are relatively low, which can meet the budget of most companies. But this material has one of the biggest shortcomings, that is, it is prone to scratches.  2, PC material. The trolley case made of PC material is very strong, but the weight is very light, and the surface is very smooth, it looks relatively high-grade. The trolley case made of PC material is the most commonly used and most popular hard case on the market. This kind of trolley case has the characteristics of waterproof, wear-resistant, fashionable, impact-resistant and drop-resistant, but the cost of customization is also relatively high.  3, Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is a linen material, which is a very wear-resistant fabric material. Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with a wide range of uses. It is specially used to make all kinds of bags. It has the advantages of light and thin texture, soft hand, good water resistance, and good durability. The grey cloth is loose and anti-static. The trolley case made of this kind of material is a good choice as a carry-on case.

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