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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing an outdoor backpack

by:Huide     2021-05-24
For some outdoor sports enthusiasts, backpacks are essential to carry for outdoor sports and leisure. So, for outdoor sports, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing an outdoor backpack? The following are some of the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts summarized by the editor! What issues should be paid attention to when choosing an outdoor backpack, four aspects can be explained.  (1) Look at whether the material of the backpack is waterproof.    When you go out to play, you will inevitably encounter the influence of different weather; then, the material and fabric of the outdoor backpack is important. Whether an outdoor backpack is waterproof is one of the necessary conditions for deciding whether to travel happily in rainy and snowy weather.  (2) Look at the workmanship of outdoor backpacks  The workmanship of outdoor backpacks determines the service life of the bag, especially whether the thread seams are strong and wear-resistant, which reflects the importance of workmanship. People who often carry backpacks know that the shoulder strap of the backpack is the most easily damaged. Since there are more things to pack when traveling, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the seam of the thread is strong, durable, and resistant to pressure. Otherwise, it will inevitably be very annoying if the backpack breaks during the journey. (3) Look at the carrying system of the backpack. Since it is necessary to carry the bag on the body for a long time when traveling outdoors, the shoulder strap design of the backpack design is best to choose a decompression back panel, a breathable back panel, a waist buckle, and a chest buckle. Ergonomic carrying system, this style of bag will be more comfortable to carry. (4) Whether the size and weight of the backpack are appropriate. This depends on the individual. Most people choose a backpack that suits them according to their physical characteristics. Generally, it is best to choose a lighter backpack, because we need to carry it when we travel. Relatively speaking, there are more things, too heavy burden will also trouble our travel! Generally speaking, if your torso length is less than 45 cm, you should buy a small bag. If your torso is between 45-52 cm in length, you should choose a medium-sized bag. If your torso is more than 52 cm in length, you should pick a large bag.
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