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What secrets hidden behind backpack custom price

by:Huide     2020-07-25

backpack, many different kinds of custom segmentation, shoulders outdoor backpack custom computer bag shoulders, shoulders business backpack customization, customization, tool backpack shoulders, shoulders knapsack custom, bags custom and so on. Market form the increasing popularity of personalized consumption and backpack the practicability of this product at the same time have a certain brand publicity, many big companies will choose backpack custom to enterprise employee benefits gifts or used for feedback customers as gifts or more directly to the promotion of the products. And many of the enterprise procurement staff will deal with a backpack custom price frequently. Corporate budget is often have certain restriction, in order to satisfy the business enterprise purchase price budget and can produce the best quality bag. Some factors influencing the backpack in the custom price enterprises procurement staff don't don't understand a lot. We can learn how to not set foot on buried himself.

a backpack, custom price is affected by the style of

a style affect the price of custom, but also work, process influence prices better than some, often now on the market of backpack style design is multifarious. With computer, camera, with clothing, outdoor trip to the mall, is really can see person dazzled liao, as long as you have enough ability to buy no you can't buy. But in the backpack custom differences impact on prices on these design is quite big. After all different backpack style, his process, technology, quantity of work is completely different, even two different style bag due to the difference is too big, cannot put together can price comparison.

two custom are more likely affected by material, backpack

backpack custom first a material is to be confirmed, mainly in the fabric, materials, metal materials, filling materials for confirmation. In the tableland material purchasing the material quality is different, or the different direct impact on the price of the brand. For example, the commonly used hardware small pull head, a common 5 pull head and with ykk or SBS 5 spreads can reach nearly 10 times as much. So the backpack custom affected by material is relatively large.

custom is highly affected by the number three, backpack

as a backpack custom orders, it is an objective problems and phenomena, where specific quantity of each order difference is very big. Some may each batch production 1000 some 10000 orders per batch production. As production enterprise seems to be just a number of changes can be great differences inside. Less number of production orders, not because the number of little and reduce the number of process flow and process, so the final process cost process will lay flat on the amount of each order, accounting down you can get a higher price. The advantage is to produce large quantities of orders exist, after all, quantity, process and technology of the previous cost can be gradually reduce in the later production process. Finally diluted to every backpack will make the price down.

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