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What should be paid attention to when buying a canvas bag

by:Huide     2021-05-26
Canvas bags are the new favorites of current fashion trendsetters. They belong to the versatile category. They can basically be matched with all clothing. Their practicability and fashion are very good, so canvas bags are also popular among the public. So, how to buy a satisfactory canvas bag? The following editor will explain to everyone the matters needing attention when buying a canvas bag. Let's take a look.  1, style  The style of canvas bag should be simple and not cumbersome. Easy to carry, functional and easy to handle are the primary considerations for buying a canvas bag. The material is light, and the canvas bag with shoulder and hand carry is the most practical. 2. Fabric Canvas fabrics are relatively strong and durable, but their quality is also different. Many people have such a misunderstanding when buying canvas bags, that is, the thicker the fabric, the better the quality. The quality of the fabric has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. The cotton content and the processing method are important factors that determine the quality of the fabric. The high-quality canvas fabric is not only light, firm and durable, but also has a more delicate, soft and breathable feel. So, choose At this time, we must pay attention to choosing high-quality canvas fabrics.  3. Workmanship    The exquisite workmanship of the canvas bag directly determines the quality of the bag. The finer the workmanship, the better, the higher the grade of the product. When purchasing, everyone should pay attention to check whether the stitches of the bag are smooth, uniform, not loose, uninterrupted, the line must be parallel to the edge of the bag, whether the hardware accessories are symmetrical, the lock is strong, and the zipper must be smoothly closed. ; A series of small details such as whether the center of gravity of the package body is shifted.  4. Price   The price actually represents not just a number, but a combination of the product's brand, materials, practicality, details and other comprehensive factors. Spend the same money to buy something with great value! Is king!    Many people care about whether canvas bags will fade after washing? Correctly speaking, cotton canvas bags will fade slightly during the washing process. This is also a pure cotton fabric. It will be accompanied by normal phenomena, like the dark cotton T we usually wear. But this is also one of the unique charms of canvas bags. After being washed and slightly decolorized, the color becomes more natural, further highlighting the unique layered texture of canvas. The custom manufacturer is a customized manufacturer of luggage and gifts that integrates design, development, production, processing and sales. After you provide ideas, we will develop a detailed canvas bag customization plan for you. After the plan is determined, the design will design for you, and the sales and after-sales will follow you throughout the process All feedback, one-stop service for you to customize luggage and gifts.
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