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What should I pay attention to when customizing a laptop backpack?

by:Huide     2021-06-08
Laptop backpacks are becoming more and more common. At first, they were mainly used to protect laptops, but with the popularity of bags, more and more applicable scenarios and more practical functions. Nowadays, many companies are very fond of the customization of laptop backpacks, and they are often more willing to choose laptop backpacks as employee gifts. So, what should companies pay attention to when customizing a laptop backpack?    To customize a good laptop backpack, the main material and lining should be paid attention to. The computer backpack uses lightweight main materials and high-quality lining to ensure the quality of the computer backpack. The main material of computer backpacks is nylon. Nylon is lighter in texture and has good elasticity and anti-fouling. The best lining is polyester. Polyester has high strength, not easy to tear, and good thermoplasticity. It can accept computer shutdown. After preheating, it is not easy to damage and has the highest cost performance.   In addition to paying attention to the material, the custom laptop backpack should also pay attention to the internal design. The laptop backpack should be designed with a computer compartment and a file compartment. The computer compartment should be a high-density foam sponge sandwich. The foam sponge should not be too thin or too soft, otherwise it will not be able to protect it. At the same time, some small pockets should be reasonably arranged, such as coin pockets, key hooks, pen pockets, document pockets, cigarette bags, etc., and the classification and storage of various trivial items should be fully considered.   Generally speaking, before signing a formal custom contract, the manufacturer will conduct physical proofing according to the design draft, provide samples for customers to view the actual effect, and test the product quality. Don't be careless in this link, and you should carefully check the material and workmanship of the sample. Through the inspection of the samples, we can examine the strength of the manufacturer and finally decide whether to cooperate with it.

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