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What should luggage companies pay attention to when opening up foreign markets?

by:Huide     2021-06-28
With the intensification of competition in the domestic luggage industry and the saturation of the market, many luggage companies have begun to turn their attention to the foreign luggage market. However, you must know that due to the differences in national conditions and cultural customs, it is not easy for luggage companies to develop foreign markets. Among them, the following four points need to be paid attention to:    One: Product design multi-functional innovation Chinese luggage manufacturing industry has considerable advantages. If you innovate in design, you will be more competitive. The current product trend is to emphasize multi-function. For example, backpacks, such as waterproof, abrasion-proof, shock-proof, and scratch-proof, these functions are all or partly integrated together, which is the so-called two-in-one, three-in-one and more. To expand, backpacks can be divided into many types, such as backpacks, computer bags, sports bags, etc., and there are many types. 2: Creativity and Inspiration Actually, for Chinese luggage manufacturers, the most important thing is creativity and inspiration. Foreign businessmen sourcing Chinese products are not only for cheap, but also for looking for new products and new products under the collision of different cultures. . Culture occupies an important part of the luggage industry. Orientals have different cultural backgrounds and can often design things that Westerners cannot match. This is often the place that impresses foreign consumers the most.  3: Strictly control the quality standards.    The products of luggage companies exported to the EU must meet the EU quality standards, such as the CE mark, which must be tested by a well-known quality inspection agency. Some bags are new products, and sometimes even the quality inspection agency does not know which category they should belong to. Without a standard quality control, it is difficult for a bag enterprise to grow bigger.  4: There must be a time concept in the delivery period.    Foreign purchasers have very strict requirements on the time of the delivery period, which must be consistent with the initial contract signing time. If the luggage company fails to complete the delivery on time, as a foreign purchaser, it is very likely to cancel the order, regardless of the quality of the product. Late goods have no meaning for foreign purchases! Therefore, the luggage company is in control of time On the above, we must pay attention to the concept.
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