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What size travel bag can I take on the plane?

by:Huide     2021-09-13
Everyone knows that airlines have relevant regulations on the amount of baggage carried by passengers when flying. Baggage exceeding the specified size and weight must be checked in. This rule applies not only to suitcases, but also to containers that can hold items such as travel bags and backpacks. So, what size travel bag can I take on the plane? The manufacturer will answer for you. The travel bags on the market are of large and small sizes. Some travel bags are equipped with trolley wheels for easy carrying. Therefore, when purchasing travel bags, pay attention to whether the size of the travel bag meets airline regulations and whether it can be taken. On the plane?   Currently, domestic airlines’ regulations on luggage capacity are:   1. Passengers who take first-class tickets on domestic flights can carry two pieces of luggage per person. Passengers who hold business class and economy class tickets can carry them with them. Carry a piece of luggage. The size of each piece of luggage shall not exceed 20×40×55 cm. The total weight of the above two items should not exceed 5 kg. In other words, if the sum of the length, width and height of the travel bag does not exceed 115cm, and the weight does not exceed 5kg, you can bring it on board. (Note that the total baggage volume does not exceed 115cm, including the height of the wheels. If the travel bag has wheels, the height of the wheels should also be included.)   2. Generally, when taking international flights, the size of each piece of luggage carried by passengers does not exceed 20× 40×55 cm, the total weight of hand luggage shall not exceed 7 kg. (However, airlines have special weight restrictions. Passengers should pay attention to the tips on the ticket or consult the airline.)    When buying a travel bag, in addition to paying attention to the size of the travel bag itself, it is recommended to choose light and durable materials. The weight of the luggage that can be contained in the travel bag can be increased, and the practicability is also high. The above is the introduction of domestic airlines' relevant regulations on the luggage capacity that can be boarded. The above regulations are not only applicable to travel bags and backpacks, but also trolley cases. You can refer to the above regulations if you buy relevant luggage containers before flying. Choose the luggage that fits the size.
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