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What skills need to be mastered for backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-04-21
Speaking of backpack customization skills, some people will raise objections. Is there any other skills needed for backpack customization? Directly find a backpack manufacturer and arrange customization according to your own wishes! The manufacturer tells everyone here: if the backpack is customized, you have Such an idea is very wrong. Having such a bag means that you do not understand the field of backpack customization. If you have such an idea, it is impossible to customize high-quality backpack products. Below, let’s talk about what skills you need to master in high-quality backpack customization. Let’s learn about it together. Tip 1: After comparing multiple manufacturers to find a suitable backpack for customization, it is very important to clarify their own customization requirements. Without these, there is no so-called skills, such as backpack style, material, size, budget and other requirements details. It must be determined in advance, and only when specific needs are determined can it be targeted to find a manufacturer. Backpack manufacturers have different production strengths. Some are good at making women's bags and some are good at making men's bags. In the backpack customization industry, all kinds of backpacks are made with various professional equipment and professionals, which seem to be peers and non-competents. If you don't have a deep understanding of these, just find a backpack manufacturer and place an order for production. If you don't match it, it may lead to follow-up troubles for your backpack customization. So the right backpack manufacturer is very important.   Technique 2: Arrange all the preparations in advance   After the backpack customization needs are clear, it is also very important to do the preparations in advance. For example, many experienced large companies have to set aside about 2 months to prepare for backpack customization. This time is used to count the number of internal needs of the enterprise or unit, and count the various personalized requirements within the enterprise. Of course, there is one more point besides these. If the backpack customization is an independent design style, no matter which backpack manufacturer it is, it will take time to meet the satisfaction. If it is a general payment order, you need to prepare samples in advance, even if the manufacturer can provide samples, you must arrange them in advance to compare and choose. All these tasks need to be arranged in advance to prevent oneself from becoming passive. Tip 3: Sort out the process and keep communicating. The whole process of backpack customization is still complicated and tedious. You can't just say it and you can immediately produce it online. The two parties communicate and confirm in the early stage-proofing-confirmation-or modification and reconfirmation-order production-order material- Set process-scheduling-on the production line (complex backpack requires dozens or hundreds of processes to complete the final production)-off the line-quality inspection-packing-shipping. There can be no problems in every link of this set of processes, otherwise the consequences will be a lot of trouble. In order to avoid these problems, the best way is to sort out the relatively complicated backpack customization process in detail, and then make clear Decided to keep in touch with the factory at any time to understand the normal production schedule and ensure that the factory can deliver on time. The above is a brief introduction about 'What skills need to be mastered in custom backpack.
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