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What styles are available for custom-made toiletry bags?

by:Huide     2021-07-26
Toiletry bags are the most sought-after promotional gifts during the travel promotion season. The special source of the toiletry bags and the customization of toiletry bags can be personalized and customized styles and printed corporate brand logos. What styles are there for customized toiletry bags? 1. Ordinary toiletry bag Ordinary toiletry bag is generally designed as a single or multiple zipper bags, with a half-open zipper opening design, light and smart, it can be customized with nylon, polyester, and PVC materials, suitable for washing facial cleanser Ordinary toiletries such as, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc., are more convenient to categorize and store. 2. Convenient portable toiletry bag. The portable toiletry bag generally has a semi-circular opening and a semi-open zipper opening. It can be customized with nylon or polyester materials. The storage capacity is larger than ordinary toiletry bags. The storage space is free without division, and it is convenient when traveling on business. Store some toiletries, cosmetics, etc., and the outside of the wash bag is equipped with a handle to carry it out. 3. Hangable toiletry bag The hanging toiletry bag has the same style as the hand-held toiletry bag, but the hangable toiletry bag is designed with a fully open opening, which is more functionally designed than other toiletry bags, and the internal storage strips are organized. It is divided into towel trough, toothbrush trough, facial cleanser trough, etc. The hooks inside can hang it flat on the wall, which is convenient to take and use when washing. The above three custom styles of toiletry bags all support metal mold logo printing, silk screen printing and embroidery, etc. Companies can directly contact and express your thoughts according to the image of the toiletry bag they want, and we will provide you with detailed washing bag customization The plan is for you to choose.
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