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What to pay attention to when customizing outdoor backpacks

by:Huide     2021-07-13
Outdoor backpacks are different from ordinary backpacks in that they are not beautiful in appearance, and the color can be selected as desired. Because outdoor travel bags are used in special environments, higher requirements are placed on the materials and craftsmanship of travel bags. What are the key points for custom-made outdoor backpacks? 1. Outdoor backpack materials    There are many types of custom-made outdoor backpack materials, which directly affect the price of the backpack, that is, the better the material, the more expensive the backpack. The materials of the backpack are generally: 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon or 1000D Kodra, 600D polypropylene and other materials. These materials are wear-resistant materials, suitable for outdoor backpack production materials, of which the 1000D material has very high density and strong wear resistance. In recent years, a kind of anti-tear fabric has appeared in foreign countries. Once torn, a backpack made of this fabric will not be torn open and expand, which is very suitable for tourists in the field. 2. Waterproof function of outdoor backpack    Outdoor backpack is one of the more important functional requirements from waterproof. And waterproof fabrics are constantly innovating, and continue to develop. Not only new waterproof fabrics continue to be developed, new waterproof technologies are also beginning to emerge gradually. Generally, the waterproofness of waterproof nylon is only 1000-2000mm, which can withstand short-term rain; 5000mm long-term rain; the US military standard is 7000mm. The key point of all waterproof indicators is not how much water is protected, but the pressure and time of the water. A simple understanding is that the size and speed of raindrops under natural conditions and the time of exposure to the rain will cause different waterproof effects. 3. The carrying system of the outdoor backpack    The carrying system of the outdoor backpack consists of adjustable buckles, retractable buckles and shoulder straps. The protection of the back usually requires breathable mesh material, which can reduce the pressure on the back and help the back breathe and absorb sweat. Also pay attention to the bracket in the outdoor travel backpack, the material of the bracket is generally two kinds of aluminum alloy and steel wire. If you want an outdoor travel backpack that fits the details of the body's back, waist, shoulders, etc., you can customize a backpack with adjustable support. Adjust the shape of the backpack according to your body shape. Generally, it can reach yours. Claim.   provides professional customized travel backpack services. According to your choice of materials, combined with our 12 years of customization experience, we can customize various bags on demand, such as business computer bags, casual backpacks, outdoor hiking bags, trolley cases, etc.
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