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When customizing luggage, you need to pay attention to a few points of the zipper

by:Huide     2021-06-06
Zippers are very common and common in the application of luggage. Zipper is a band-shaped opening and closing part commonly used in luggage. It is used for the fastening of luggage and bags. It is widely used and convenient. It has different lengths and specifications, and the forms are closed-end, open-end, and hidden. According to the material and shape of the zipper teeth, it can be divided into metal zippers, plastic zippers and nylon zippers. Zippers are generally represented by numbers. The larger the number, the thicker the teeth and the greater the fastening force. Let's briefly talk about it next.  Different models and different materials of zippers have different performances. When customizing bags, you should pay attention to the points of the zippers. It should be selected according to the purpose of the bag, the way of use and maintenance, the thickness, performance and color of the fabric, and the part where the zipper is used. Small zippers should be used for thin and light bags. The shrinkage, softness, and color of the zipper base fabric should be coordinated with the fabric. In addition, because the zipper has different adaptability in different environments, such as daily backpacks and mountaineering bags, the strength of the external zipper mountaineering bags is higher than that of the backpack. There are many varieties of    zippers, which can be divided into two categories: closed-end and open-end. The closed-end zipper is divided into single-end and double-end. When the closed-end zipper is opened, the tooth chain on both sides cannot be completely separated. Single-end closed-end zipper refers to a closed-end zipper with a slider. Double-head closed-end zipper refers to a closed-end zipper with two sliders, which can be opened and closed back or opposite.   The zipper is arranged on the bag, and it is necessary to pay attention to the harmonious beauty. Nowadays, the use of luggage zippers is no longer single zip and double zippers. The editor once saw weird and exaggerated bags on the official website of a bag. A bag body is almost always a zipper design. People with intensive phobias may not dare to be too unconventional. More information is available on the official website! If there is a need for luggage customization, please feel free to call!
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