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Where to find a custom logo backpack

by:Huide     2021-07-01
In the traditional sense, the logo backpack is the symbol of the backpack brand. We can recognize the backpacks of the bag brands such as Samsonite, Swiss Army Knife, Hermes and Weigo at a glance, and we are willing to pay for this bag. The main reason is that the bag brand The historical precipitation of the brand gives the backpack an incredible sense of sacredness. Nowadays, such a sacred halo is not limited to backpack companies. Companies in different industries have also branded backpacks with their own brand logos, giving them to employees, customers, or selling them to fans, such as Dell backpacks, Baidu schoolbags, Mi Schoolbags are the classic logo backpacks among companies in recent years. Where do you look for custom logo backpacks?   Custom logo backpacks are one of the channels for every company to promote their brands. The quality of customized backpacks also determines the value of the corporate brand, so choose customization Logo backpacks should control the quality of the backpack, avoid jumpers, broken wires, poorly shaped bags, and poor load-bearing shoulder straps. These reasons can be easily solved if you choose a good backpack manufacturer. Good logo backpack customization manufacturers will have professional custom backpack equipment, customization process and powerful assembly line, and have the ability to customize logos for enterprises. 
Types of sewing thread used when customizing bags
In custom luggage, thread is an indispensable material in production. I will share with you today about the types of threads used when customizing luggage, and the lines that are usually used are generally more general. It can be divided into the following four types: 1: 420 polyester thread, generally used for lining, positioning, and false thread. If it is used for open wire, it is generally used for denser and thinner materials. 2: It is 202 polyester thread, which is generally used for Oxford cloth and canvas bags. If used on leather bags, it is generally used for car lining or positioning, etc. 3: It is 210d nylon thread, which is generally used for leather bags. 4: Nylon thread over 300d, generally used for high-end leather bags, the decorative effect is obvious. In short, you must choose threads according to different product requirements, and do not use threads with different colors and specifications.
However, with the increased prevalence of custom backpack manufacturers, it has become far more affordable.
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