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Where to find custom manufacturers for trolley school bag manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-08-18
schoolbags are the most popular schoolbags in recent years. They are different from ordinary schoolbags in their trolley and storage capacity, which can help primary and middle school students to reduce the load on their shoulders and store more school supplies. With the rise of personalized luggage customization, more and more schools customize school bags, and trolley school bags have become one of the choices of school brand school bags. For custom trolley school bags, the first thing you need to do is to choose trolley school bags.   schoolbags are the same as ordinary schoolbags. They must strictly require environmental protection, comfort and waterproofness of the materials, but the difference lies in the pull rods and wheels of the trolley schoolbags. The trolley schoolbag requires that when the trolley is swayed from side to side, it must not exceed 0.01M, and the trolley can be extended and retracted up and down; while the wheels are required to be wear-resistant and have a mute function. Because Chinese children have many books, they also require the wheels to withstand about 10 kg The weight can ensure the normal use of students. Where can the manufacturers of trolley schoolbags look for them?    schoolbags are a new type of schoolbag, so many manufacturers are not very good at it. If a manufacturer with a professional design team will design, develop and mass-produce the hot spots in the market to occupy this new hot market, choose a custom luggage manufacturer with a design team. In addition, you can choose a luggage duffel manufacturer that has made trolley school bags, or has made trolley school bags for schools. I believe this manufacturer will not be too bad. Where can    trolley duffel schoolbag manufacturers look for? More than ten years of experience in luggage customization, a professional design team and Ru0026D team, cooperate with partners such as South China University, Longpan International School, Tsinghua Elementary School, and long-term custom trolley schoolbags for Tsinghua Elementary School.
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