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Which fabrics are commonly used for custom backpacks in Beijing

by:Huide     2021-07-27
Beijing customers of custom-made manufacturers love custom-made backpacks, such as Baidu, CNOOC, and Novo Nordisk; all kinds of fabrics will determine different backpack fabrics. What backpack fabrics are generally preferred by Beijing customers? Let’s take a look at what are commonly used in custom-made backpacks in Beijing. Which fabric?    Polyester backpack. Polyester backpack is customized. Polyester has high strength and good elasticity, which is somewhat similar to wool. It has strong heat resistance and does not absorb moisture. Generally, polyester backpacks are mainly made for leisure sports. The materials are light and thin, waterproof and wear-resistant, and are not easy to fade. Polyester texture is used to make casual backpacks, student backpacks, cosmetic bags and more.  Nylon backpack   Nylon backpack is made to order. Nylon has a high density, strong and elastic surface, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. It also has a good waterproof effect. It has strong load-bearing properties and has become the material of choice for backpack computer bags. Generally, the nylon backpack is mainly designed in pure color, the material is strong, dirt-resistant, not easy to scratch, and the anti-aging property is the strongest of all backpack materials, and it can be used for a long time. Generally used to make mid-to-high-end backpacks, outdoor backpacks and cloth trolleys.  Canvas backpack   Canvas backpack is customized. The texture of the canvas determines the appearance, feel, wear resistance and breathability of the fabric based on its density. The versatile canvas backpack has always been the new favorite of fashionable people. He is favored by fashion and leisure, and his colorful and diverse appearance design keeps him on the frontline of the trend. However, his shortcoming is that it is easy to fluff after long-term use. Generally, hipsters use rucksacks to exchange bags with clothing. The trend is always changing. The texture of each backpack has a meaning to serve different people of each class and style. If you want to make corporate gifts and welfare gifts, you can use these three different backpack materials. Show your product positioning, promotion positioning and crowd positioning of the gift.
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