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Which fabrics are commonly used in custom mountaineering bags

by:Huide     2021-07-08
Mountaineering bag customization services are becoming more and more popular. Many companies have sought out mountaineering bag manufacturers to customize personalized mountaineering bags as employee welfare or business gifts. Generally speaking, the grade of the mountaineering bag applied fabric determines the durability of the mountaineering bag, so the choice of the applied fabric is very important. So, what fabrics are commonly used in custom-made mountaineering bags? Commonly used fabric 1: Nylon Nylon is commonly known as nylon, also known as Nylon. The advantage is that it has good strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, deformation resistance and aging resistance, and the texture is lighter, which can reduce the burden on the burden, but it feels Harder, well-known brands include PERTEX, CORDURA, etc. Commonly used fabric 2: Spandex Spandex is a stretch nylon, also known as SPANDEX. It has the advantages of high elasticity, high stretchability and high resilience. It is often used as an auxiliary material and blended with other materials. Usually 2% can increase the fabric. Sporty, drape, and shape retention. The disadvantage is that it is weak in alkali resistance, and it is easy to turn yellow and brittle after being exposed to chlorine or being irradiated by ultraviolet rays. Commonly used fabric three: polyester Polyester is commonly known as polyester fiber, also known as POLYESTER, which is characterized by excellent breathability and moisture removal, as well as strong acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance. Customized mountaineering bags are the first choice for customized manufacturers. We are a professional mountaineering bag manufacturer with an excellent design and production team to ensure fashionable styles and meticulous workmanship. We are a reliable mountaineering bag manufacturer.
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