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Which material is better for custom travel bags?

by:Huide     2021-09-24
Which material to choose for a custom travel bag is better for any luggage customization, the choice of material is directly related to the quality of the product, travel bags are no exception, and most of the travel time is used outdoors, often exposed to wind and sun It's raining, so the requirements for materials are higher. Then, which material is better for custom travel bags? An introduction from the manufacturer of luggage duffel customization. 1. Pu leather material PU leather is an artificial fabric with low price and good water resistance, but poor wear resistance. Although it looks high-end, it is not strong enough, usually not durable, and slightly scratched. As the capacity rots, it affects the beauty and use of the entire bag. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose a custom-made luggage manufacturer of this material if the travel bag is customized. 2. Oxford cloth material Oxford cloth is similar to nylon, which is a kind of fabric material. This material is relatively strong and has better abrasion resistance. However, compared with nylon, the weight of Oxford cloth is higher, but if it is easy and simple For outdoor play, the quality of the bag made of Oxford cloth material is still very good, and now the style of the travel bag is also more fashionable, while it can hold items, it can also be used as a matching item, and it is also cool when taking pictures Customized luggage duffel manufacturers. 3. Nylon cloth material This material is currently the most widely used material for travel bags, especially some professional outdoor backpacks, which are made of high-density nylon materials, and their quality is definitely leveraging, and nylon material Lightweight, good waterproof performance, abrasion resistance, high strength and toughness, it is very suitable as a travel bag or professional outdoor backpack for custom luggage duffel manufacturers.
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