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Which process is good for custom backpack printing logo

by:Huide     2021-07-04
Backpacks are very common, necessary for travel, and have good practicability. They are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, more and more companies choose custom-made backpacks as employee welfare gifts. When customizing a gift backpack, it is often necessary to print the company's logo on the backpack. A beautiful logo can add a lot of color to the backpack and make it more commemorative.   At the end of the year, I received a lot of orders for custom-made gift backpacks from companies, but in the process of communicating with customers, I found that many customers would be entangled in which way to print the logo is better. Here, the editor briefly sorted it out. In fact, the logo printing process can be roughly divided into the following categories, but each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for the process of printing logo on custom-made backpacks, it depends on the fabric or style of the backpack.  1, offset printing. Offset printing can make a lot of details that embroidery or other methods can't be done perfectly. Offset printing can print out complex patterns as well as small patterns, which are difficult for embroidery.  2, embroidery. The embroidered LOGO is very delicate, full of color, and has a bumpy feel to the touch. Embroidery can make the whole backpack look more three-dimensional, and most customers will think that the embroidery looks more high-end.   3. Soft plastic cards. Soft plastic cards need to be opened, the time required is relatively long, and there are certain quantity requirements, and the price of printing is relatively expensive. However, the soft plastic cards are rich in three-dimensionality and feel better.   4. Hardware brand. Compared with soft plastic cards, hardware cards also need to be opened, but it takes longer and the price is higher. However, the use of hardware brand backpacks looks brand-like, high-end atmosphere and high-grade.
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