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Why does promotional gift bag customization favor canvas fabrics

by:Huide     2021-08-05
On daily shopping trips, people can often see people carrying or carrying all kinds of canvas fabric bags, especially among young consumer groups, canvas fabric bags are more common. Many customers also specify canvas fabrics when customizing promotional gift bags. So, why does promotional gift bag customization favor canvas fabric? Let’s listen to what it says!   1. Canvas fabric has a good casual feel. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, canvas feels comfortable, wear-resistant and durable, and has a very strong casual atmosphere. Therefore, even It is a pure color canvas fabric to simply make a canvas bag, which can give people a sense of leisure, literature and art, very comfortable and relaxing. If you print some patterns on the canvas bag, it will look better. 2. Canvas fabric has good environmental performance, wear resistance and durability. Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. Cotton and flax plants are renewable resources and can be planted without harming the environment. Therefore, canvas is considered It is an environmentally friendly fabric made of natural fabrics. Furthermore, the canvas fabric is wear-resistant and durable. A canvas handbag can be used for a period of time. It can replace plastic bags and reduce the generation of plastic waste. Now many people choose to take a canvas when they go shopping. It is very environmentally friendly to store things in bags. 3. The price of canvas is cost-effective. The price of canvas fabric is relatively lower than other fabrics, but due to the good wear resistance and scratch resistance of canvas, the quality of bags made of low-priced canvas fabrics is relatively higher. For bags made of other fabrics, canvas fabrics are very cost-effective. This is also a key reason why canvas is favored by customers. The summer promotion season has begun, and the high cost performance of canvas has also attracted many customers to customize canvas bags as promotional gifts to consumers. Friends, if you also have summer promotional gift bags customization needs, please come to the manufacturer, 16 years An established manufacturer with rich experience in custom production of gift bags, with a professional design and production team, can tailor your exclusive gift bags according to your needs. Come and call the free consultation hotline for details!
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