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Why is it difficult to customize a bag privately

by:Huide     2021-07-03
When receiving customers, manufacturers often encounter customers asking whether it is possible to customize one or several bags. For private individual customization, the manufacturer apologizes to the customer: 'We are currently unable to provide private individual customization services. 'Some customers are puzzled about this. Let’s take a look at the manufacturer’s specific answers!    In the previous article, the manufacturer also mentioned that personalized customization service does not mean that it can provide a single private customization service. I also briefly analyzed the reasons. In fact, the main reasons are summarized as follows:   1. The cost of a single customized material is too high. The customization process involves style design, fabric selection, publishing and proofing, especially the purchase of raw materials. , It often takes a certain amount to get the right price from the fabric manufacturer, and even some fabrics have to be customized separately. If you purchase a single item, the fabric supplier cannot provide it. If it is a single purchase, it is possible that the overall production will increase several times, ten times or even dozens of times. Therefore, no matter for the customer or the manufacturer, a single customization is not cost-effective.  2, the production cycle is long, and the labor cost is also high.   Single bag customization is usually completed manually in the factory, and the manual cost is too high compared to the cost of assembly line machining. For example, in the factory, we have a factory with more than 120 people, and we work together in a division of labor and assembly line operations. If you want to make one or two bags, you need a master in the printing room to do it by hand, and one master does it from the beginning to the end, which is inefficient. Sometimes it is impossible to complete all the production of a bag in a day, and the current labor cost is the least. It costs about 200 yuan to process the raw materials, go to the market to find the time and cost of the materials, etc., so that the cost of manual and independent completion is about several hundred yuan.  3, a single customization cannot give full play to the advantages of the factory  Assembly line operation is a great creation in the industrial age, everyone's division of labor and high-efficiency operation greatly reduces various costs. And a single customization not only can't give play to its own advantages, and there is no need to reduce the worry as the number of customizations is small. You should know that after a single order, the manufacturer has to prepare proofing, purchase of fabrics and accessories, production of bulk goods, etc. The procedures and processes during the period are very complicated. Even if the number of customizations is relatively small, the time and energy spent are not changed. In comparison, the overall production cost of the manufacturer is not cost-effective. Therefore, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order considering the cost.   The above is the relevant answer that the manufacturer has explained in detail 'Why is it difficult to customize a bag privatelyYou can call:, QQ: 285136989.
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